Hydrogold's drawings are complete and give site personnel a clear picture of what needs to be installed and where.

Some "Consultants" produce only the Hydraulic Drawing (Pipe Layout). Hydrogold also includes the handy Overall Drawing and the essential Electrical Drawing:

You can download the full set of drawings in PDF right here (9.0 MByte) or download specific drawings from the table below.

Overall Drawing - 1 Sheet
Shows overall view of irrigation system on a single sheet including the sprinkler coverage.
Easy (quick) reference.
Shows which areas the sprinklers cover.
2.0 MByte
Hydraulic Drawing - Multi-Sheet
Multiple (typically 2 to 4) sheets show more detailed layout of pipe layout. Also shows the station allocation for the control system.
Clearly detailed (1:1000) drawings enable correct installation. 6.0 MByte
Electrical Drawing - 1-Sheet
Shows communication and power cable routing and sizing.
Other Consultants often leave power cable sizing to the Contractor. Sizing the power cables is as important as sizing the pipes - Hydrogold calculate the correct cable sizes. This ensures the system will have sufficient power to operate reliably. 1.0 MByte

Note: These are A0 size drawings. You may zoom and pan within the PDF document to see our detail