This unique document is a comprehensive design manual for the irrigation system. It contains the basis for our design, the design calculations, water use estimates, potential problems during during the project (and how to avoid them), right down to the manufacturer's product information.

All this information (and more) in a single document is a "must have" for any Owner for future reference.

You can download the full document in PDF right here (1.7 MByte) or download specific sections from the table below.

Design Considerations
This informs the Owner of the basis of the design.
Easy reference.
Quickly highlights what is different from a typical project.
0.3 MByte
Monthly Water Use Estimate
While not as comprehensive as a Water Management Study, it is included in the report at no extra cost.
Provides an indication of expected water use in an average year. 0.1 MByte
Hydraulic Analysis
Contains all our hydraulic calculations including a Computerised Analysis if required on sites of more than 25 m elevation variation.
Assures the Client the correct calculations have been made.
Provides a wide range of technical information.
0.4 MByte
Estimated Electrical Power Required
We provide estimated of power for all the pumps and the Irrigation Control System.
Helps with planning of electrical services before the finalising of contracts and purchase of equipment. 0.1 MByte
Common Problems
After 25 years, we think we have seen (almost) all the problems (on ours, as well as other's projects). So we have noted them so that your project management staff benefit from our experience.
Our advice allows you to avoid the problems other people have encountered. 0.1 MByte
Hydrogold's Quality Chain
Explains the 5 steps to a successful project.
Explains the way to maximise the return on the investment dollar. 0.1 MByte
Product Literature
We provide the proprietary manufacturer's product literature.
Keeps all the design and product information on the project together in one handy reference document. 0.8 MByte