This comprehensive document that has been developed and tested on over 280 golf courses. It represents 28+ years of accumulated knowledge and has been used (tested) by dozens of Contractors in 26 countries.

You can download the full document in PDF right here (4.5 MByte) or download specific sections from the table below.

Special Irrigation Specifications
This is a short specification of what is Special to this project.
Easy reference.
Quickly highlights what is different from a typical project.
0.2 MByte
General Irrigation Specifications
Covers 99% of Golf Course Irrigation Installation that we have encountered over the past 20+ years.
Time-tested (20+ years) specifications.
These are comprehensive instructions on how to correctly install the system.
1.8 MByte
Hole by Hole A4 Sketches
A series of A4 sketches showing each hole on a 1:2000 scale.
Easy to copy A4 size. Easy for reference in the field. 2.5 MByte
Contractor's Submission
Specifies all the information the Contractor is to submit with his bid.
Ensures the Owner receives all the information needed for a proper tender evaluation. A good checklist to ensure everthing is properly assessed. 0.1 MByte
Full Bill of Quantities (BQ)
Our BQ is the most comprehensive prepared by a Consultant.

Allows the accurate setting of budgets, submission of quotes and checking of the Contractor's quantities.
We include our quantity take-offs for reference. Also our recommended spare parts.

0.1 MByte