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Trust is critical with our relationships. Honesty, ethics, integrity and discretion are the foundations of a trust relationship we build with our Clients. Long term relationships are the base of our business.

You can trust our honesty and professional integrity in business. We work hard to form long-lasting relationships. We have been around since 1987 and intend to be around a while more.

Hydrogold is independent of manufacturers, suppliers or contractors. When you employ us, we are looking after your interests.

Hydrogold is not the lowest (nor highest) cost in terms of consultancy. But with our experience, we provide the best value. Our value-engineered designs will help you in the longer term. You get:

beware of the 5 dollar hair cut


Our technical expertise is built on the foundation of our experience since 1987 and over $ 300,000,000 of completed projects. Our skills are independently certified by our governing industry body, Irrigation Australia.

Trust Hydrogold's experience; don't experiment. Whether the site has a 2 or 200 metre elevation differential, you can trust Hydrogold to ensure there is sufficient pressure without bursting pressures on the pipes and fittings.

Rely on our advice gained from our experience on many other projects.

Why experiment? Use our experience on your team. Sleep well at night.

Quite simply, Hydrogold is the best insurance you can have for your project.

Aldo Gucci
from the Gucci Fashion House
"The sweetness of a low price is soon forgotten, but the bitterness of poor quality will remain."


We set the industry standard for documentation.

Our documentation gives you the control over quality and pricing.

Read more about our quality documentation here...